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An Integrative Approach

I draw on many sources and therapeutic models in my work. I also place great importance on providing an environment where you feel safe to freely and creatively explore your inner world.

Starting with being genuine and attuned to you, I’ll do my best to help create a good therapeutic relationship—an important factor in successful therapy. I listen carefully, and while I’ll offer my ideas and reflections throughout our work, I do so in the spirit of collaboration, and to see if they resonate with you. My priority is to provide the highest level of trust and safety for you to embark on the rich inner journey that therapy has to offer.

In my integrative approach, I pay attention to how the various systems of the body work together and influence each other. Recent findings in neuroscience have taught us how the brain processes emotional information, and how patterns of response are established. By incorporating this knowledge with more traditional forms of therapy, I can help you release deeply held patterns and create lasting transformation.

Recognizing the complexity of who we are, I don’t impose theories or formulaic ideas in my work. Instead, I use different therapeutic perspectives to help illuminate our process, according to your individual needs. Among the sources I find most helpful are Cognitive Behavorial Therapy, Psychodynamic and Existential Therapy, and Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy. These approaches compliment each other extremely well. I also use them in a way that allows an opportunity for deep exploration, without losing sight of tangible goals.

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