Jeff Cohen, MFT Integrative Mind/Body Psychotherapy510.548.4950

Individualized Approach

My approach to therapy begins with seeing you as a person and not as a cluster of symptoms. I believe that effective work must be individualized in its approach, and I’ll look to your strengths and resources in addition to areas that need development. If you ever have questions about our work, I'm always available to answer them. This is your therapy, and it’s useful as long as it allows you to have a deeper dialogue with yourself, and to help you connect more fully to the range and depth of who you are.

Integrative and Transformative

In my work, I pay attention to all dimensions of your experience—cognitive, energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual—so that our work feels alive, relevant and thoughtful in a deeply embodied way. My goal is to provide an experience that is personally enriching and transformative. Examples of the issues I address include:

• Relationship Concerns
• Anxiety—persistent mild anxiety to panic attacks
• Creative Blocks
• Self Doubt
• Depression, including chronic depressive tendencies
• Insomnia
• Career Transition
• Grief Counseling
• Clarity of Purpose
• Issues of Sexuality
• Addiction & Eating Disorders
• Overcoming Abuse
• Spiritual Inquiry

My inspiration in doing this work comes from knowing that the negative legacies of our past can be changed, and that we can learn to approach life with greater flexibility and ease of well being. I want to help you find the naturally true expression of who you are. Please feel free to contact me for a phone consultation, at no charge, to discuss your needs at this time.